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2 Timothy 1:5

"I remember your genuine faith, for you share the faith that first filled your grandmother Lois and your mother, Eunice. And I know that same faith continues strong in you."

A person carrying a lantern through a wheatfield.

Have you been blessed by the faith of your parents and grandparents? In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul reminds Timothy that he is part of a line of faith that passes through his grandmother and mother. While the faith of our ancestors cannot be inherited and it doesn't save us, it does point us in the right direction. It also allows us to see the benefits that result from having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Most Christians are part of the faith because one of their family members shared the Gospel with them. In Timothy's case, the teachings and encouragements of his mother and grandmother strengthened his faith. And because of this, Timothy was able to serve others and endure many hardships in his ministry. The faith we possess often develops because others before us nurtured it in our lives. And likewise, the faith we possess can benefit and encourage the faith of those around us.

For today's devotional exercise take a few minutes to contemplate who in your life helped strengthen your faith. What did they do to help you grow in your relationship with God? Now consider the people who you have an influence on. What are some of the practical ways you can help pass on a faith that continues strong in them?

(New Living Translation; photo credit: Guilherme Stecanella via Unsplash)

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