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How to Show Care When Others are Hurting

Young women listening to music in a wheat field.

When someone you care about is going through a difficult time, you should be there for them. But what can you do when time or distance keeps you from getting together with them? How can we show care to our friends, family members, and neighbors in today's context? Consider giving the gift of music. Music helps heal the soul better than any words you can utter. But because it's often difficult to know what type of music the hurting individual enjoys or what specific songs will help them, my encouragement is for you to provide a handwritten note with a gift card (or digital music coupon) allowing them to choose the music they want. If you know they have an iPhone, an iTunes card is best. If you know they have an Android phone, a Google Play card is probably a good choice. (If you send a physical card, be sure to include a gift receipt in case you are wrong.) The key point is that you want to offer something tangible, something that can help them heal. Words of compassion are expected from the socially astute, a listening ear is provided by a friend, but the gift of music is the ministry of angels. If you can't send a gift card, that's perfectly alright. Send a kindly written email. And in the email link to an encouraging YouTube video. A few songs that I have found encouraging in my life are:

You're Gonna Be Okay by Brian & Jenn Johnson Seasons by Hillsong Worship Yes I Will by Vertical Worship Feel free to pass this along to those you care about and let me know in the comments which songs you recommend.

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