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Matthew 18:3

"Then [Jesus] said, 'I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.'"

Little children praying together

Jesus often used children as an illustration of godliness. When his disciples asked him who was the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus pointed to a child. Certainly there were times when we were young that we behaved badly. Or perhaps you currently have young children now and you wonder how it is that they can be so naughty at times.

Kids are not perfect and Jesus wasn't suggesting that they are. I think what he was suggesting in this verse is that young children possess a type of humility and trust that most adults no longer have. Most of us grown ups are too focused on managing our social image. We hate the idea that other people might view us as children. Moreover, many of us have become cynical and our faith has become stale. Jesus recognizes this; so he calls us to repent of our sins, to live humbly, and to trust him with a childlike faith.

Today is a day to think about your early years as a believer. What energized your spirit then? What joys did you experience as a new Christian? How did God enter your life and how did your life change because of his arrival. Write it out, or share your testimony with a friend. As you unfold your story, think about how you were different in those early days of faith. What current sins do you need to confess today? And what does it mean for you to become like a little child again?

(New Living Translation; photo credit: Wix media)

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