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These Dudes Aren't Perfect

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Photo of Dude Perfect Members jumpin in air.

My kids are big fans of the Youtubers known collectively as Dude Perfect. If you aren't familiar with this group, it is a team of five thirtysomething guys that showcase their athletic skills and engage in creative competitions with one another.

It's a perfectly entertaining show for teens and middle schoolers. Their videos are clean and generally positive. No room is given for swearing or sexual innuendos. (Not many popular shows can say that today.) What's particularly encouraging for Christian parents is that the members of Dude Perfect possess a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

I recently watched a behind the scenes video called, Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass. This hour and a half presentation documents their first national tour. In this video, the viewer is also provided with a behind the curtain peek at why the group got started and how they interact with the public and each other.

In several parts of the documentary you see the guys praying for sick children. Several members also talk about how their Christian faith is important to them and how their beliefs help them navigate difficult decisions. When they get irritated with one another, as all friends eventually do, they remind themselves of their shared relationship to Christ and then work to resolve their differences.

The episodes typically cater to an adolescent audience. But their material is family friendly. Even older adults can enjoy their humorous antics. But what's especially refreshing for Christians is that this group of guys doesn't mind letting others know about their faith. They are not preachers and they don't make evangelism part of their Youtube channel. And that's okay. Their faith is real because it makes them who they are, it's not just words they profess. And that, in the end, is probably what we all want, authenticity over advertising.

These dudes aren't perfect, but they sure are trying to be.

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