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Titus 1:8

"He must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must love what is good. He must live wisely and be just. He must live a devout and disciplined life."

When describing the qualities of a Christian leader, Paul indicates that potential leaders must possess many positive traits. For example, this person must love what is good and live wisely. Neither of these characteristics should come as a surprise to the reader. Paul provides Timothy similar instructions on choosing elders in 1 Timothy 3. However, it is interesting to note that in this verse Paul tells Titus that a Christian leader "must enjoy having guests in his home."

In essence, Paul is suggesting that Christian leaders should like to show hospitality. He's not suggesting that only charismatic extroverts should have influence in the church, nor is he indicating that church leaders should run a bed and breakfast. But there is little room here for the reclusive church leader. And even though you may not be a church leader or have aspirations to be a church leader, this verse seems to suggest that having people over to your home is generally a good thing to do. You don't have to be a leader to be a blessing.

For some Christians it's difficult to invite others over to their home. Why is that? Are we worried that our residence isn't nice enough, or that it's untidy? Are we so busy that we don't have time for others? Think about the last time you had friends or acquaintances over to your place. How did that experience go? What went well and what would you do differently?

After considering the answers to these questions, begin to plan your next get together, even if you have to wait until after the pandemic. Who will you invite over? Will you share a meal or just have snacks and beverages? Will there be a purpose to your gathering? Now decide a date and time and get those invitations out. It's not enough to live a devout and disciplined life. Throw a party and offer some friendly hospitality.

(New Living Translation; photo credit: Wix media)

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