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A multi-sensory, activity-based devotion through the Book of Acts.

Image by Chantel Lucas


Select a Guide from a Section of Scripture Listed Below.



A prison interior with the Liberation of Saint Peter (1649)

Hendrik van Steenwijk II / Public Domain

ACTS 1:1-12

Ascension (1775)

John Singleton Copley / Public Domain

ACTS 1:13-26

St. Matthias (circa 1611)

Peter Paul Rubens / Public domain

Acts 3_1-20.jpg

ACTS 2:1-21

Pentecost (1732)

Jean II Restout / Public Domain

ACTS 2:22-47

St. Peter Preaching In Jerusalem (1642)

Charles Poerson / Public Domain

ACTS 3:1-20

Saints Peter and John Healing the Lame Man (1655)

Nicolas Poussin / Public Domain

Acts 4_23-37.jpg
Acts 5_1-16.jpg

ACTS 4:1-22

The Chief Priests Take Counsel Together (circa 1890)

James Tissot / Public Domain

ACTS 4:23-37

St. Barnabas Healing the Sick (circa 1566)

Paolo Veronese / Public Domain

ACTS 5:1-16

The Death of Ananias (1515)

Raphael / Public Domain

Acts 5_17-42.jpg
Acts 6_1-15.jpg
Acts 7_1-60.jpg

ACTS 5:17-42

The Synaxis of the 12 Apostles (14th cent.)

unknown artist / Public Domain

ACTS 6:1-15

Saint Stephen  (1476)

Carlo Crivelli / Public Domain

ACTS 7:1-60

The Lapidation of Saint Stephen (1625)

Rembrandt / Public Domain 

Acts 8_1-25.jpg
Acts 8_26-40.jpg
Acts 9_1-19.jpg

ACTS 8:1-25

Peter's conflict with Simon Magus (1620)

Avanzino Nucci / Public Domain

ACTS 8:26-40

The Baptism of the Eunuch (1626)

Rembrandt / Public Domain

ACTS 9:1-19

Ananias Restoring the Sight of Saint Paul (1631)

Pietro da Cortona / Public Domain

Acts 9_20-31.jpg
Acts 9_32-43.jpg
Acts 10_1-23.jpg

ACTS 9:20-31

Paul Rescued from the City of Damascus (1783)

Christian Bernhard Rode / The British Museum

ACTS 9:32-43

Healing of the Cripple and Raising of Tabitha (1425)

Masolino da Panicale / Public Domain

ACTS 10:1-23

Peter's Vision of a Sheet with Animals (1619)

Domenico Fetti / Public Domain

Acts 10_24-48.jpg
Acts 11_1-30.jpg
Acts 12_1-24.jpg

ACTS 10:24-48

Vision of Cornelius the Centurion (1664)

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout / Public Domain

ACTS 11:1-30

Saint Agabus (circa 1613)

Juan Bautista Maino / Public Domain

ACTS 12:1-24

Liberation of St. Peter (circa 1666)

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo / Public Domain

Acts 13_1-12.jpg
Acts 13_13-52.png
Acts 14_1-28.jpg

ACTS 13:1-12

St. Paul before the Proconsul (1515)

Raphael / Public Domain

ACTS 13:13-52

Paul Arguing with Jews (12th-Century)

Unknown Artist / Public Domain

ACTS 14:1-28

The Stoning of Saint Paul (circa 1667)

Jean-Baptiste de Champaigne / Arnot Art Museum

Acts 15_1-21.jpg
Acts 15_22-41.jpg
Acts 16_1-15.jpg

ACTS 15:1-21

Saint Peter and Saint Paul (circa 1590)

El Greco / Public Domain

ACTS 15:22-41

Saint Mark (circa 1627)

Frans Hals / Public Domain

ACTS 16:1-15

Baptism of Lydia (1861)

Marie Ellenrieder / Public Domain

Acts 16_16-40.jpg
Acts 17_1-15.jpg
Acts 17_16-34.jpg

ACTS 16:16-40

Saint Paul and the Soothsayer of Philippi (circa 1630)

Lambert Jacobsz / Web Gallery of Art

ACTS 17:1-15

Saint Paul Preaching to the Thessalonians (1866)

Gustave Dore / Public Domain

ACTS 17:16-34

Saint Paul delivering the Areopagus Sermon in Athens (1515)

Raphael / Public Domain

Acts 18_1-17.jpg
Acts 18_18-28.jpg
Acts 19_1-20.jpg

ACTS 18:1-17

St. Paul at Corinth with Aquila and Priscilla (circa 1590)

Johannes Sadeler / Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

ACTS 18:18-28

Apostle Paul (1633)

Rembrandt / Public Domain

ACTS 19:1-20

The Preaching of St. Paul at Ephesus (1649)

Eustache Le Sueur / Public Domain

Acts 19_21-41.jpg
Acts 20_1 to 38.jpg
Acts 21_1-19.jpg

ACTS 19:21-41

Temple of Artemis (1572)

Philip Galle / Public Domain

ACTS 20:1-38

Eutychus Raised from the Dead (circa 1580)

Print made by Hendrik Goltzius from Jan van der Straet / British Museum

ACTS 21:1-19

The prophet Agabus predicting to St. Paul his sufferings in Jerusalem (1687)

Louis Cheron / Public Domain

Acts 22_1-30.jpg
Acts 23_12-35.jpg
Acts 23_1-11.jpg

ACTS 21:20-40

Paul Addresses the Crowd After His Arrest (1866)

Gustave Dore / Public Domain

ACTS 22:1-30

Saint Paul in Prison (1627)

Rembrandt / Public Domain

ACTS 23:1-11

Dispute Before Sanhedrin (circa 1448)

Fra Angelica / Public Domain

Acts 24_1-27.jpg
Acts 25_1-27.jpg

ACTS 23:12-35

Roman Soldier from a Calvary Group (circa 1800)

Anton Kuchelmeister / Public Domain

 ACTS 24:1-27

Paul Before Felix (1752)

William Hogarth / Public Domain

ACTS 25:1-27

Trial of the Apostle Paul (1875)

Nikolai Bodarevsky / Public Domain

Acts 26_1-32.jpg
Acts 27_1-26.jpg
Acts 27_27-44.jpg

ACTS 26:1-32

The Apostle Paul Explains the Tenets of Faith in the Presence of King Agrippa, His Sister Berenice, and the Proconsul Festus (1875)

Vasily Surikov / Public Domain

ACTS 27:1-26

Ship in a Storm (Date Unknown)

Dimitris Vetsikas / Public Domain

ACTS 27:27-44

The Ship In Which Paul Sails Is Wrecked (1891)

Gustave Dore / Public Domain

Acts 28_1-10.jpg
Acts 28_last.jpg
Acts 28_11-31.jpg

ACTS 28:1-10

Miracle of St. Paul on the Island of Malta (circa 1621)

David Teniers / Public Domain

ACTS 28:11-31

Apostle Paul Preaching on the Ruins (1744)

Giovanni Paolo Panini / Public Domain


Saint Paul Writing His Epistles (circa 1619)

Valentin de Boulogne / Public Domain

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