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Psalms of Rescue

When we experience hardships in life and it's difficult to know what to say to God, we may want to simply pray through the Psalms of Rescue.

Fear of Death

The Bible teaches that we are not only afraid of death, we are slaves to the fear of death? What does this mean, and how can we respond?

Hidden Bounty

For this week's entry I have the pleasure of showcasing one of my wife's blog posts. Kathryn has her own insightful and encouraging...

1 Samuel 04

Chapter Summary: The elders of Israel decide they will be able to defeat the Philistines in battle if they use the Ark of the Covenant....

1 Samuel 03

Chapter Summary: The Lord calls out to Samuel while he is sleeping by the Ark of the Covenant. After some confusion, Eli tells him to...

1 Samuel 02

Chapter Summary: Hannah offers a prayer of thanksgiving to God for her baby Samuel, and gives him to Eli in order for him to serve as his...