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A Devotional Group for Men who Provide Physical and Emotional Care for their Spouse

A recent research article about men who provide unpaid care to others indicated that approximately 16 million men in the US provide informal care. Of this number, about 2 million provide care to their spouse or partner. The above cited research article notes that, "Compared to other family male caregivers, husbands provide more hours of care, tend to be the primary caregivers, and 78% have little to no support from other caregivers." Not surprisingly, stress is a significant issue for husbands in this role and they have weak support networks (source).

As a chaplain, I regularly meet men who are providing care and support to their ailing wives. Too often they are doing this without adequate assistance or encouragement. If you are in this situation, please consider being a part of the Caregiver Husbands Group.

This group of men meets once a week around the lunch hour via video conferencing. We use this time to discuss a Christian classic book we are reading. We also provide encouragement, support, and prayer for one another. There is also an option to leave comments in the group's private forum which can be visited by becoming a member. Site membership is free and can be accomplished by following this tutorial video which will show you how to sign up.

To learn more about this ministry or to request membership in this men's group, please reach out to me through the contact section of the About the Author webpage.

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Current Read

Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

Considered by some scholars to be the most read Christian devotional book, second only to the Bible. This work has had an extraordinary influence on believers since its publication in the early 15th Century.

See Wikipedia article for more information. 

This particular edition is printed by Thomas Nelson Inc. and published on August 15, 1999. This version provides an up-to-date and easily readable translation with a short preface and introduction. It can be purchased from several online bookstores, such as Amazon.